November 17, 2012

Lola's Beauty Shoot

Poor Lola!  I was looking through the blog and realized that she never really gets her chance to shine for the camera. Lola has never been a big fan of sitting still for the camera (she would much rather run around or be pet!), plus Pixie usually comes in and steals the show!

So I decided to do a Lola-only photoshoot and let her beauty be known to the world. :)

She was surprisingly cooperative with treats and an interesting backdrop.

In true Lola form, she was more curious about the camera...

...and determined to be pet...

...than interested in posing and looking completely adorable!

She definitely got it down though...

...and showed off how completely cute she is!

She did get a bit distracted at times...

...but pulled it off beautifully, and I even got a picture of how pretty her eyes are!  

Of course, Pixie can never be kept away for long and decided that she wanted some attention as well.  She and Lola settled down for a nice long grooming session to wind down from the excitement of the day.

I'm so glad that I got a chance to show off Lola though. She's my little cuddlebug and always wants to be around you and be pet. She's so sweet and patient. I'm sure Lola is going to be someone's awesome lap cat.  She's the perfect mix of laid back and playful.  She's still waiting to meet her perfect match, so drop a line if you'd like to see if you are it!

November 11, 2012

Kitty Bloopers

Wow. Only one post for all of October?? I was definitely slacking. I promise to make up for it this month though. I have a bunch of posts I want to do in the works so it's just a matter of getting the cats to cooperate for pictures. Of course, that is a task all of its own so we'll see what happens. ;)

I have a confession though. I am not the best photographer. To make up for it I take -lots- of pictures (seriously, I carry around 2 4GB cards with me in case I fill one up).  When it comes to cats (particularly these two sillies), I have to take even more to make up for their lack of interest in posing for the camera. The results after all of it are lots of bad pictures, a few great pictures and a bunch of silly ones. Of course, I like to highlight Pixie and Lola's best side, but I can't help but share some of their silly faces I see every day. 

We're just practicing sticking our tongues out so we can be as cool as these guys!

Whhhaaattt? Lola is NOT cuter than I am!
 *rolls eyes*  I'm totally cuter.
 Just a minute here...

Well, here are a few at least, I'm sure there will be plenty more in time. Pixie and Lola will always be silly...cute. :)

November 6, 2012

Electoral Cats

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 2 months, you know that today is Election Day!  Adding their meows to the chorus, Pixie and Lola want you to make sure you go and vote today. 

The cats and I decided to have our own ballot box.  Both Pixie and Lola love boxes. What better way to encourage you to vote, by looking cute and reminding you of your civic duty?  So without further ado, Pixie and Lola's political debut!  **Disclaimer: Pixie and Lola have no political affiliation, they just want to make sure you go out and vote, whether it's for Romney, Obama, Gary Johnson, Jill Stien or the Purple People Eater.

Hey! You can't watch us vote!

This would be a lot easier if I had thumbs...

The ballot goes in here?  What a waste of a perfectly good box.

And then of course, they decided voting was much less fun than playing with the box. :)

November 5, 2012

Home Alone

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone!! I meant to post this weeks ago, but put it off because I didn't have the pictures I wanted. And then procrastination hit...anyway I have a few other posts already in the works, so expect them soon!

Anyway, a few weekends ago, I had a wedding to attend. It was the first time that I've left the cats completely alone for more than a day, and I was a bit nervous.  Pixie in particular has a curious desire to explore and get into EVERYTHING.  I was worried that leaving her alone for more than 24 hours may result in something disastrous for either the cats or the house.  I also was worried that they may regress a bit in terms of affection being alone.

When I say everything, I mean everrrything.

Of course, like with everything else about this pair, I was pleasantly surprised by how well they did. Other than a heavier than usual coating of cat hair on the sofa, the house was fine and the cats were more than happy to see me.  They greeted me at the door, and Pixie was very vocal about wanting to be pet before dashing off to find a toy for me to play with her. She's learned if she brings me a feather wand or simply goes and meows loud enough while sitting on it that I'll generally come and play with her. 

Apparently she took a liking to playing with shoes while I was gone. She gets more like a dog every day.  I'm working on fetch. :)

Lola on the other hand was content to come and twine around my legs, wanting to be pet and idly join in on the play time before going up to sit on top of the sofa to watch. I gave them both a treat of some wet food after playtime, and Lola took advantage of Pixie's preoccupation with the food to come and demand some attention of her own.

She still doesn't pose well for the camera. I'm going to do a beauty shoot with her soon to get some really good pictures show off how pretty she really is.

They both have really come into their own, to a point where I think they'd be fine being adopted separately. Of course, I'd love to see them together, but now that Pixie is completely comfortable around humans and other animals, I think she doesn't -need- Lola to show her the ropes. In fact, I have been separating them more and more during food/playtime to see how they do.  Lola actually comes into her own when we're just one on one, and Pixie isn't around to distract her and me. 

That being said, they still are absolutely adorable and love being around each other. (I finally got a picture of them cuddling!)  So if you have a spot (or two!) in your house for some cats they would love to meet you! As always, let me know if you have any questions, I'll do my best to get back to you. :)