March 26, 2013


Today was a lazy day for us at the house.  I got up early on my day off to run around and do all sorts of errands. So this afternoon, the cats and I just lazed around.

Definitely a catnap day.  Both Cyber and Shadow are big snuggle bugs and love to curl up with me and just pass out while being pet.  It's the cutest thing. They both smile in their sleep. :)

They both have rather goofy ways they snuggle in as well.  Cyber is a restless sleeper, always changing position to get comfy and just looks rather silly after a while.  Shadow on the other hand just wants to be next to you and will get up and snuggle in next to you if you move away from her.  She has the cutest, sleepy face when she looks up at you with her gorgeous yellow eyes wondering why you're making her move.

Shadow also LOVES the warmth of the computer.  I am terrible and always leave my computer on things so it heats up, and I can always find Shadow snuggling up with it when I come back.


 They also get rather lazy when snuggling, so it's the best opportunity to get some of the pictures I've been meaning to take, like of Cyber's handsome tail that is always twitching with excitement and of Shadow's stunning yellow eyes. 

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