March 26, 2013


Today was a lazy day for us at the house.  I got up early on my day off to run around and do all sorts of errands. So this afternoon, the cats and I just lazed around.

Definitely a catnap day.  Both Cyber and Shadow are big snuggle bugs and love to curl up with me and just pass out while being pet.  It's the cutest thing. They both smile in their sleep. :)

They both have rather goofy ways they snuggle in as well.  Cyber is a restless sleeper, always changing position to get comfy and just looks rather silly after a while.  Shadow on the other hand just wants to be next to you and will get up and snuggle in next to you if you move away from her.  She has the cutest, sleepy face when she looks up at you with her gorgeous yellow eyes wondering why you're making her move.

Shadow also LOVES the warmth of the computer.  I am terrible and always leave my computer on things so it heats up, and I can always find Shadow snuggling up with it when I come back.


 They also get rather lazy when snuggling, so it's the best opportunity to get some of the pictures I've been meaning to take, like of Cyber's handsome tail that is always twitching with excitement and of Shadow's stunning yellow eyes. 

January 30, 2013

Splish, splash!

Happy hump day!  1/2 way through the week, and it's my day off! Instead of waking up super early this morning to head off, I got to sleep in.  The kitties appeared to appreciate it as well and snuggled with me all morning. Cyber seems to share my thought that the only good things that come out of mornings are sleeping in.  This is usually the face I see in the morning when I have to shift him out of bed. 
He's such a sweet, goofy cat with tons of loving personality that I know he's going to steal someone else's heart right away.  I'm also so, so happy to report that Shadow is -way- happier now.  I think she's fully recuperated from her paw injury and is a total snuggle bug. She's the one who will get up early in the morning with me to follow me around.  I now have my morning and evening personal assistants, which works out perfectly. Whoever adopts this pair will definitely be getting two loving, adorable lap cats.  :)  

Shadow thinks I need a bigger lap and more hands.

Hopefully I'll get some cute pictures of them today after I go run some errands. I've had to resort to phone pictures because they both want to just follow me around instead of letting me go grab my camera. As it is, for all those goofy Cyber fans, this post will mostly be about him since he was so entertained that he let me go grab my camera and still be able to grab some cuteness. :)

I volunteer at the Desert Museum in Tucson, and basically about 3/4 of what I do is clean up after all the animals.  This makes me feel really gross coming home, and the first thing I usually do is grab a shower. Cyber seems to have realized this. When I came home this week, he was waiting for me in the bathroom:

He was toooo cute.  Seemingly all set for his own bath, although I don't think he would have appreciated it very much.  He loved rolling around the smooth surface though and would catch his reflection at times and try to play with it. 

He was so entertained, he didn't notice me sneaking out to grab my camera. I got to get some cute pictures.


Eventually, Shadow had to come see what was going on.  It was so funny. Shadow obviously thought Cyber was just being far too silly and meowed at him from the doorway. He immediately popped up from the sink, and they both went off together to plot my demise or something equally as catty. :)


January 25, 2013

Back from the vet!

Cyber and Shadow have certainly had an exciting week!  Now that Shadow has settled in and is much more out and about, I realized her paw looked a bit swollen.  Turns out her front dew claw was infected.  We set up a vet appointment, and I was able to help drain the puss from it and clean it up a bit.

By the time we went to the vet a couple days later, her paw was looking much better and it wound up that she didn’t even need antibiotics.  I was so proud of her, she was so well behaved at the vet. Shy, but definitely not completely scared. Cyber on the other hand was his normal, precocious self and completely won over all the vet staff. He’s definitely a charmer. He also has some dental issues.  Fortunately they’re just giving him some bad breath right now, but we’re looking into getting that nipped in the bud.

Other than that, the cats are doing well. Cyber is still my little personal assistant, always curling up with me and wanting to snuggle. He loves to just stretch out in sunny spots as well, and almost grins with happiness.  I was surprised to find he's also quite playful!  For such a laid back guy, he'll also get up and go dashing around the house after some toy. It's funny. Being cross-eyed, he can't follow fast moving toys like lasers or feather wands too well and winds up falling over himself to try and get it.  He's so sweet and goofy, he's the perfect companion.

Shadow is definitely more comfortable after we took care of her paw. She's so sweet now that I really think the pain was making her cranky when she first arrived.  She’s started to abandon her comfort zone under the furniture and has taken the windowsill with as her new favorite spot.  She loves the sun there, as well as rubbing against my mint plant. She isn’t the lap cat Cyber is but will come up on the sofa, making sure she's within arm's reach so she can be pet. 

Both she and Cyber lovvveeee catnip.  I left some out on the table and came back to both of them rolling in it.  Too cute. :)  I'm happy to report that these two will probably be ready for adoption soon. I think Shadow is feeling much better and will be ready to find her forever home soon. I know Cyber can't wait.  As much as I just want to keep them all for myself, I want to get these guys out before they get too comfortable here and have to readjust all over again.

January 14, 2013

Slowly settling in...

Well, it's certainly been an exciting week so far. Back to work, back to Tucson and back to kitty training!  Little Shadow has finally started to open up more. She lets me hold her and pet her and doesn't growl when someone comes towards her. Once she gets over her nerves she purrs so hard I'm sure she shakes my bones.  I haven't wanted to take too many pictures of her until she gets a little more at ease, but I did manage to get one good one when my boyfriend was holding her.  This was only the second day she was here, so she still was a bit frightened. You can definitely see how pretty she is though. :)  

Cyber has gotten even more comfortable in his surroundings, strutting around like he owns the house and making sure he always knows what's going on. He's quite the personal assistant, settling himself down in my lap or putting his chin up on the computer. He always wants to be next to you and make sure you haven't forgotten him. 


He's definitely a little lion man and looks like one especially when he yawns. I've gotten lots of pictures of him yawning. Considering he's so attached, he just wants you to pet him, not take any pictures so most of his pictures so far have been when he's sleeping or getting ready to. His yawns also let me know he's got a bit of tartar build up and a stinky mouth. We've been working on him letting me brush his teeth every day. Definitely not his favorite activity, but he's been a good sport about it as long as he gets lots of cuddle time afterwards. Not once has he ever growled, yowled, clawed or showed any sort of anger, even when I'm holding him and sticking my fingers in his mouth, definitely a great cat.

He definitely is still a goofy guy. His cross-eyed stare always makes me giggle, particularly when he makes a funny face with it. Other times though he shows off how completely gorgeous he is. He poses quite well sometimes. It's just hard to get him to stand still long enough to get a good picture. His little tail is always lashing back and forth with excitement.

He's such a sweetheart. I know he's going to make someone very happy and get snatched up soon. Hopefully they'll see that he and Shadow belong together, and they can find a forever home with room for two!  It'll be at least a few more weeks until they're up for adoption though. I'm enjoying helping Shadow realize that she's in a safe place. It's so gratifying to see her opening up. I've got to admit though, I'm kinda glad it's going to be a couple weeks before I have to give these guys up. There's been a big cold spell in Tucson that I haven't been enjoying. It's been great having my own personal kitty lap/hand warmer for when I come home. :)

January 10, 2013

Quick update on the newbies!

Cyber and Shadow have arrived!  I just wanted to give a quick introduction. I will give a full update in a week or so when I get a better idea of their personalities. 

This is Cyber!

Cyber is a five year old "Flame-point" Siamese. He's got such interesting coloration, a red/cream colored Siamese with absolutely stunning, bright blue eyes.  He's also a bit cross-eyed, which betrays his silly nature. He's a goofy guy, at home already and into everrrrything. He's so excited to explore, but is a total snuggle bug. He is sitting with me right now insisting on being pet with the cutest little "murt" sound. I'm not complaining, his fur is like velvet, thick and soft, and he's such a sweety that he's already got me wrapped around his paw.

 Definitely a snuggly lap cat!

Shadow's intro will have to come later. The poor little girl is still totally terrified with all these new changes, so she's resting in her room for now. She's a gorgeous torti cat with huge yellow eyes. She's obviously a sweetheart, but was literally shaking with fear once I got her home.  I'm going to let her slowly get used to the house and all these new things. Cyber goes and checks on her every once and a while, but she still hides when I come to see her. I'm hoping it won't take her too long to settle down a bit. She's already much better than when she first arrived, so I'm sure it won't be much longer before I can brag about her too.

I'm excited to get to know these two, and so excited to share their story here. I'll be trying to update at least once a week, so stay tuned! :)

January 9, 2013

Getting ready for newcomers!!

Well, I'm still on cloud nine about Pixie and Lola's adoption, but just had to share the news that I'm getting two new fosters tomorrow!!  I've only been back in town a couple days days and already missed my (not mine anymore!) the little girls around the house. I'm so excited to get another pair of cats, a male Siamese and female Torti named Cyber and Shadow.

Because I missed this way too much...

Fortunately for these two, I'm getting them before they headed to the pound and could get sick, scared and, even worse, ignored and put on the list to be euthanized  Their owner has to move to another country and can't take them.  They were her babies though and she loves them very much so she had been looking for a rescue that could take them in instead of going to a shelter.  There has been a slow-down in adoptions here after the holidays and several cats have been put to sleep at the pound in the last few days (broke my heart and definitely made me want to foster again ASAP).  Since these two are "older" (5 and 3 are apparently too old to be "cute" anymore) and would like to be adopted together, they definitely are more at risk.  Tucson2Tails offered to take them in, and since I have the space now, they asked if I could foster. Apparently Shadow is a bit shy and scared about all of the changes in her life. Hopefully I can help her out of her shell a bit before they go up for adoption.  The pair of them are bonded like Pixie and Lola and will be hopefully adopted out together.  

Anyway, I will be updating the blog tomorrow 
to introduce the cats to you all as soon as I get them home.  I'm excited to be getting back fostering so soon and to share Cyber and Shadow's story.

Here's to hoping that you all, as well as Cyber and Shadow, have a Happy New Year! I know with some new, cute kitty faces around the house, my New Year is starting off great! :D

December 29, 2012


Guess who's off the market?! Yup! This pair of cuties found their forever home, together!  :)  I'm so excited Pixie and Lola are finally set for life together. I couldn't be happier they got a home for the holidays. I'm hoping I can hear more from the family (and get some pictures), and that they do well there.  

I've gotta admit though, I'm kinda sad I couldn't see them off myself. They're a sweet pair however, and I know they'll win the hearts of their adoptive family just as easily as they did mine. So thanks to everyone who's been following their saga, it's been incredibly fun and I'm already stalking the pound pages to see If I can find another cat (or two) to do it all over again.

So one last sign-off on behalf of the silly set of girls, Pixie and Lola. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!