January 25, 2013

Back from the vet!

Cyber and Shadow have certainly had an exciting week!  Now that Shadow has settled in and is much more out and about, I realized her paw looked a bit swollen.  Turns out her front dew claw was infected.  We set up a vet appointment, and I was able to help drain the puss from it and clean it up a bit.

By the time we went to the vet a couple days later, her paw was looking much better and it wound up that she didn’t even need antibiotics.  I was so proud of her, she was so well behaved at the vet. Shy, but definitely not completely scared. Cyber on the other hand was his normal, precocious self and completely won over all the vet staff. He’s definitely a charmer. He also has some dental issues.  Fortunately they’re just giving him some bad breath right now, but we’re looking into getting that nipped in the bud.

Other than that, the cats are doing well. Cyber is still my little personal assistant, always curling up with me and wanting to snuggle. He loves to just stretch out in sunny spots as well, and almost grins with happiness.  I was surprised to find he's also quite playful!  For such a laid back guy, he'll also get up and go dashing around the house after some toy. It's funny. Being cross-eyed, he can't follow fast moving toys like lasers or feather wands too well and winds up falling over himself to try and get it.  He's so sweet and goofy, he's the perfect companion.

Shadow is definitely more comfortable after we took care of her paw. She's so sweet now that I really think the pain was making her cranky when she first arrived.  She’s started to abandon her comfort zone under the furniture and has taken the windowsill with as her new favorite spot.  She loves the sun there, as well as rubbing against my mint plant. She isn’t the lap cat Cyber is but will come up on the sofa, making sure she's within arm's reach so she can be pet. 

Both she and Cyber lovvveeee catnip.  I left some out on the table and came back to both of them rolling in it.  Too cute. :)  I'm happy to report that these two will probably be ready for adoption soon. I think Shadow is feeling much better and will be ready to find her forever home soon. I know Cyber can't wait.  As much as I just want to keep them all for myself, I want to get these guys out before they get too comfortable here and have to readjust all over again.

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