September 24, 2012

Cat Update!

Well, it's been about 3 weeks since I got Lola and Pixie. Time has flown by and they've changed so much!  No longer scared of anything and completely comfortable here, I figured it was time for an update about them.  There's also a bio written in their own words in the most recent posts on the blog!

Pixie is a crazy cat. In the best way possible of course. :)  Gone is any of her previous timidness. She is a root'n toot'n cowgirl...err, cowcat. 

I don't know if it's because she hasn't had this much freedom to run around and play before, or just that she's just a naturally boisterous cat.  Either way, she is into EVERYTHING now. She sprints around the house, looking for entertainment, from chasing Lola to hunting bugs and begging food from anyone.  She's also gotten much more coordinated, and she loves jumping up on the counters to get your attention. She's good about staying down and away once you correct her though. 

She's even more of a diva now too, sweetly demanding your attention with a cute, little chirp and a leg rub.  She's started sleeping not just with, but on top of me whenever she can and has to be in the middle of the action at all times. She loves to be pet and comes to snuggle whenever she can find a spot next to you.

She is the most adorable of cats and is so loving. She races to the door whenever I come home, follows me around, curls up on the sofa with me and has a look of absolute bliss on her face as she gets pet.


Lola is still the sweetest cat I've ever met.  She has almost a southern belle attitude towards everything.  If she could talk, I'm sure it would be in that sweet, slow southern accent. 

She is a calmer cat than Pixie and definitely just loves being around you and being pet.  For being a middle-aged cat though, she is still very active and runs around with Pixie when she's excited. She can most often be found on top of a chair or in the windowsill though, just chilling out. She will flop over almost anywhere, wanting to keep an eye on everything and be sure she's not missing out. 

She hates closed doors I've found. Even when I'm in the bathroom she mews pitifully wanting to be let in. Once let in of course, she jumps up and wants to be pet immediately to make sure you haven't forgotten her. Pixie hasn't gotten much better about coming when called, but Lola will come over to you when you call for her.  Southern belle's don't have any sense of urgency so it is a leisurely stroll in your general direction, but she'll get there eventually.

Lola is still definitely a nurturing, motherly figure for Pixie as well.  She keeps an eye on Pixie when she's scampering around and if Pixie seems to be in trouble (Note: being pitiful about getting her nails trimmed), she'll immediately run over to wash and comfort her. It's adorable.

I think the best part about the two of them is that they're such a well matched pair.  Lola can keep Pixie entertained and in line and Pixie makes sure that Lola stays active and playful.  It's so fun to watch the two of them interact. Between tearing around the house in a game a chase to curling up next to each other for a nap, they love to be around each other and are adorable doing it. The only problem is trying to take a picture of them!  As soon as I get up to get my camera, they both want to be up and finding out what I'm doing instead of holding their cute pose. One day I promise I will get you all pictures!

Well, that's what's up with Pixie and Lola now.  If you have any questions please feel free to message me or comment and I'll do my best to get you answers!

September 12, 2012

Oh happy day!

Today was a great day!  No big news on the Pixie/Lola front, but there were two other cats adopted today. 

I'm helping clean fosters who are being shown at Petsmart. Most of them weren't on Petfinder yet, so I took my camera today to take some pictures. It was so fun, playing with all the cats a bit to cheer them up and grab some fun pictures...or at least some fun times.  The cats were so excited to run around a bit that it was hard to get them to stand still long enough to take a good picture. In the midst of this, I talked to a few potential adoptees. While they expressed interest in the cats, I expected them to go home and decide it  wasn't going to work. Happily, I was wrong! Gracie the playful lovebug and Sebi the scared lapcat both went home to their families. Here are some pictures of them as well as the other three up for adoption, Guy, Annie Oakley and Rosie.

This is Annie Oakley, she's a huge furry lovebug. She is in the front of the adoption area and always demanded attention from anyone walking past. 

I love her name too!

This is Guy. And boy, is he a BIG Guy. My grandmother and aunt have a cat that looks exactly like him, size and all. He's a really chill guy who loves chin scratches. He didn't want to stand still once he was out of his cage, so I only have the one picture.  He's gonna get snatched up soon I'm sure. 

 This is Gracie saying goodbye to her kennelmates. She was adopted out a few hours after I left. Apparently her new family was one of the ones who had come by and gotten a chance to play with her while I was cleaning. She made quite the impression, and they came back soon after to bring her home. :)
All smiles about being adopted! :)

This is Rosie! She couldn't wait to get out of her cage and into my lap. She was so curious and ready to see everything. She's a chatty-cathy and mewed and nuzzled me for snuggles. 

She can also give Hi-5's. :)

Sebi was my favorite. And she got adopted this evening!! The poor thing was a neglected, long hair, Siamese who apparently came in matted and starving. She's looking a lot better, but was still kinda ragged and scared of being in the small kennel. Once she was out, you couldn't budge her from your lap no matter how much you tried. I'm so glad that she has found a home where she can be the pampered lap cat she is.

Of course, this made me all the more eager to see Pixie and Lola find their forever homes. Pixie is going in to get spayed/vaccinated hopefully next week,  and then they'll be officially up for adoption. I'm so attached to them already that I wonder how I'll feel letting them go. I'll just have to enjoy them as much as I can now and make sure they have the best of homes to go to. :)

September 11, 2012

Busy day

Well, didn't get a good video today.  It's a work in progress. I think I may have to set up a camera to record me playing with them. I didn't realize how hard it was to keep them entertained and record. I'll get it eventually though.

Today was a busy day. I just got home from Petsmart where I was helping to clean some of the kennels our fosters are in there. It was so awesome to have a chance to play with some of the other kitties up for adoption. It was bad though. I just wanted to take them all home with me!

I forgot to bring my camera, but am heading back tomorrow morning so hopefully I'll get some good pictures of some other cats!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of Pixie and Lola!  I'm still working on my kitty camera skills so sorry some of these are a bit weird.Pixie and Lola ran around the house a bunch when I was eating dinner and now are passed out on the couch next to me.  It's so cute, Pixie has pushed the cushions apart to snuggle in her little den. Lola was hanging out on the arm until I was petting Pixie and she got jealous. Now she's passed out within arm's reach, and every so often mews sleepily and rolls over to be pet. 

Snuggle times! 

 I'm glad I got a picture of her gorgeous eyes. :)

...but still available for petting. *hint**hint* 

September 10, 2012

All settled in

Hey all! Sorry for the last couple days with no updates! I've been slacking.

The kitties are -definitely- all settled in now though. It's good to know that they adjust relatively quickly. Hopefully that makes it easier for them once they get adopted. They have the run of the house now, and they love it. I wish I could just set up a constant camera to show all of you their antics. As it is, I'm going into work late tomorrow and hopefully can get some cute shots of them playing around. Maybe even a video if I'm lucky.

As of now, I'm sitting around having a bowl of ice cream in front of the TV. Pixie is running around trying to catch a fly. She's so funny and hyuEFINITElyi99999999''''; (That was courtesy of Pixie. I made the mistake of trying to take a picture of her at this point and was apparently too interesting. She immediately jumped up next to me and walked across my keyboard.) 

Hmm, what is this thing?  Delicious!!
*The box of ice cream was almost finished (I wasn't pigging out too much), and Pixie only had a couple licks. Just long enough for the picture.

*ahem* She's so funny and definitely has come into her own. She is incredibly curious about everything and is adorably clumsy. Between the two, she has a tendency to fall off things and misjudge distances when she jumps. I was worried after the first few times I saw her missed flying leaps between furniture, but she's tenacious and just gets right back up and trots away. She is definitely still a kitten at heart, and dashes around the house so fast that a few times I've left one room to find her in the next with no idea how she beat me. She also will attack any hanging strands or bits of fluff on the floor and has turned out to be a more dedicated "huntress" than even Lola. She still is a  little love bug though and will always come back to be pet after tiring herself out.

I'll just wiggle myself right into this seat...Oh hai, pets please? 

As Pixie has grown more comfortable her and Lola's play fights have gotten more intense as well.  I'll have to make sure to tell their adopters not to worry. They can seem pretty crazy, but they both are very careful to not use their claws, and when Lola is tired of playing, she just lays down and Pixie proceeds to groom her. Like I said, adorable. 

Lola is pretty much the same as before, my little shadow. She comes to check on me as soon as I get home and will sit for some loving for a while before going on her way.  If I move though, she'll come check to see what I'm doing and rub around my ankles a bit or jump up next to me. She is also getting much better about coming when called. Not that I think she's learned her name, but recognizes the little, kissing noises I make when I call her or Pixie. 

Lola is a much calmer cat than Pixie, but still loves her playtime. I've started to try to get some one-on-one playtime with her because whenever I tried, Pixie would butt in and steal the show. It works out well because I've also found Lola isn't very good about sharing food. I tried using two bowls, but she'll still go over and box out Pixie from whatever bowl she's eating out of, no matter how much she has left. It may be a trait leftover from when she was neglected. We're going to work on it, but for the moment, Pixie gets some eating time while Lola is having some Pixie-free playtime. 

While Pixie was being crazy, Lola just wanted to laze around with me as a pillow.

On the whole, they're doing wonderfully, and are going to make someone such great pets. I think it'll be a week or two until they're officially up for adoption. Pixie still needs to get over a minor health issue before getting spayed, and I'm hoping that Lola's food anxiety is something we can work on.  And, if I'm being honest with myself, I want to enjoy the company of such a cute pair of cats a little longer. :)

September 7, 2012

Oh what's in a name?

Tucson2Tails is currently going through an organization restructure so I was trying to look up a bit more information on my cats on the website. To my surprise I found these pictures:

Well, that was certainly a surprise. Apparently the foster who had them before me mixed up the names when I picked them up. It's understandable, the original "Lola" reminds me a lot of Tinker Bell, and I feel like she fits the name Pixie much better.  That being said, it does explain somewhat why they seem to have no reaction to their names. In fact, that was an idea for a future blog post, this discovery just pushed it forward.
I also found out that Pixie is 13 months old, so that fits with what I thought on her being younger. I still don't know anything about her background except that she had a couple minor health issues coming in and was rather thin. She may have been part of the same group Lola came in with.

I was surprised to find out that Lola is 7!  Edit: She's, they really need to get better at this paperwork. She is 2 which makes much more sense. She's so active and worries so much over Pixie, I assumed she was a young mother. 
I also found out that she was seized from a home due to severe neglect of a number of animals and came in sick. Man, 7 years in a neglected home and still as sweet as sugar. Fortunately, she had a good weight (probably due to her natural fiestyness/hunting skills) and recovered quickly.  They both were due to be put down within 24 hours of being rescued.

Knowing a little more about what they have been through makes me even more passionate to do what I can to find them the perfect forever home. Not only that, but it makes me love fostering even more. I know that when they were rescued, not only did it save their lives, but also the lives of two other cats.

What most people don't realize is that the sick bays in pounds have limited space. If too many animals are sick and the sick bays fill up, any sick animal is at risk of being immediately put down.  Lola basically just had a kitty-cold!  I can't imagine missing out on such a great cat because of something so minor. Working with an organization that pulls cats from the sick bay allows me to help some of those animals, even if I'm just fostering those who have already gotten better.

Annnyway, I'm just glad they're with me now. They're definitely getting a treat and some extra snuggles when I get home tonight for being so great even after spending the last 3 months in a small cage and who knows what before then. I can't -wait- to see them go to a loving home they can call their own! Regardless of what they are being called. :)

September 6, 2012

Cat Naptime

The cats must have played themselves all out today. When I got home all they wanted to do was sleep!  Of course, the day I wanted to get you all a video of their awesome adorableness playing, they're passed out. Just goes to show you that cats can be some of the most contrary creatures.  Oh well, they were looking super adorable anyway and Pixie almost seems to smile in her sleep.  So here are some cute catnap pictures. :)

 Oh, hi there. I reallllly want you to pet me, but it's soooo much work to even open one eye.

 Mayyybe I'll get up, it looks like there is some interesting stuff going on.

Nope...too sleepy.


 When I walked in, Lola immediately started to half-heartedly bat at the side of the box like she didn't want to be caught sleeping. 

 Her HUGGGEEE yawns gave her away though.

See, I'm just in the box to have a bath...Who said I was sleepy...

 Totally not sleepy....not sleepy at all...


Note: The cats do have a little, dark, corner of the closet with a pillow and blanket to sleep in, a pet bed as well as a crate with a comfortable towel in it. True to the contrary cat theory however, they take turns sleeping in the cardboard box more frequently than anything else.

September 5, 2012

Meet Pixie!

NOTE:  This is the information when she first arrived in her foster home, see the cat update on Sept. 24th for more current information on her personality! 

Pixie is an adorable little ball of fur.  She can't be too far out of kittenhood and is a bit more hesitant than Lola. She likes to hide out in her room, but is incredibly playful when she's comfortable. She's getting more precocious every day. Once she gets used to her new surroundings I don't know if I'll be able to keep up!

Smiling for the camera
Pixie is a bit of a princess. Not only is she completely photogenic, but seems to be a little vain. She always stops and grooms herself the moment she gets a hair out of place. She is going to be someone's spoiled pet. She won't leave your side if you pet her and as long as she's comfortable in her space, she wants to be right beside you.  I love taking pictures of her, she has the cutest face! Unlike Lola, she primps and poses for the camera wonderfully.  I think it's mostly because she loves to be the center of attention. When I'm petting Lola in their room, she must always try to get in my lap for some loving....and then of course give Lola some grooming tips to make sure she isn't looking ragged

 You missed a spot, let me get it for you!

I am going to try to get a video of Pixie playing soon. She hasn't cooperated so far, playing right up until the camera turns on. I think the blinking, recording light distracts her too much, or she just wants to make sure she looks good for the camera. ;)

Gotta get ready for my close-up!

Meet Lola!

NOTE:  This is the information when she first arrived in her foster home, see the cat update on Sept. 24th for more current information on her personality!

Lola is a few years older than Pixie and has definitely been a mama before. She's -very- outgoing and loves to explore the house. Even with all the fun toys and everything in their room, she immediately bounds out when I open the door in the morning.  She does stop for a quick chance to be pet, but then is out exploring the house some more, finding nooks and crannies that I didn't even know existed. 


Her favorite spots are up high. She loves laying on the window sill in the sun and watching everything outside. She tends to be my little shadow, popping up suddenly to play or quietly demand attention. I'm gonna have to get a collar with a bell on it for her ASAP so I don't trip on her when she sneaks up. She doesn't sit still for long however. It was interesting trying to get any decent photos, if just because she always has something else to catch her attention.

What is this fun thing you're playing with? Can I play too?

 Oh, ok, I'll pose fo--Squirrel!

Psh, I already know I'm cute. Just pet me now.  

Hello Kitties!

Ahh! This is officially the third day that the cats have been with me, and I am enjoying every second. I'd meant to get this blog started sooner, but unfortunately playing with the cats trumped any attempt I made to be productive. The cuteness just overwhelmed me! 

I picked up Lola (the black cat) and Pixie (the white one) a few days ago and was told that they are a very bonded pair who had been rescued from the pound together.  I don't know much about their past, but they are certainly attached to one another, so much so that I'm beginning to wonder if they may not be mother and daughter. They act like it at least.

Lola is older and has been looking out for Pixie from day one. When I first brought them home, Lola was the first in and immediately was out of her carrier and exploring the room. As I brought Pixie's crate in though, she instantly ran over and began to wash Pixie as soon as she got out. It was adorable. Ever since, Lola has been watching over Pixie, showing her all the cool places in the house and making sure to check on her every so often if she's out of sight.

They are an adorable pair and I can't wait to get to know them better! Check out the posts below (err...above?) to learn a little more about each of them!

If you're interested in adopting, feel free to comment or message me here and I'll be sure to get back to you ASAP! :)

Blog Introduction

Hello internet world! 

This is a blog I started to chart my adventures in fostering cats for the organization Tucson2Tails.  I always loved to read more about animals that were up for adoption, and I wanted to try my hand at it. Hopefully, getting a bit more of a glimpse into their lives will help my fosters find their purrfect forever home. :)

So please follow and share their stories, and I'll do my best to give you some wonderful cuteness for your day!

Side note: If you're from the Tucson area and are looking to adopt a cat (or dog!), definitely go check out the organization I foster for, Tucson2Tails as well as PACC Pets Need You on Facebook. They both have lovely animals who are just waiting for their forever homes!