September 10, 2012

All settled in

Hey all! Sorry for the last couple days with no updates! I've been slacking.

The kitties are -definitely- all settled in now though. It's good to know that they adjust relatively quickly. Hopefully that makes it easier for them once they get adopted. They have the run of the house now, and they love it. I wish I could just set up a constant camera to show all of you their antics. As it is, I'm going into work late tomorrow and hopefully can get some cute shots of them playing around. Maybe even a video if I'm lucky.

As of now, I'm sitting around having a bowl of ice cream in front of the TV. Pixie is running around trying to catch a fly. She's so funny and hyuEFINITElyi99999999''''; (That was courtesy of Pixie. I made the mistake of trying to take a picture of her at this point and was apparently too interesting. She immediately jumped up next to me and walked across my keyboard.) 

Hmm, what is this thing?  Delicious!!
*The box of ice cream was almost finished (I wasn't pigging out too much), and Pixie only had a couple licks. Just long enough for the picture.

*ahem* She's so funny and definitely has come into her own. She is incredibly curious about everything and is adorably clumsy. Between the two, she has a tendency to fall off things and misjudge distances when she jumps. I was worried after the first few times I saw her missed flying leaps between furniture, but she's tenacious and just gets right back up and trots away. She is definitely still a kitten at heart, and dashes around the house so fast that a few times I've left one room to find her in the next with no idea how she beat me. She also will attack any hanging strands or bits of fluff on the floor and has turned out to be a more dedicated "huntress" than even Lola. She still is a  little love bug though and will always come back to be pet after tiring herself out.

I'll just wiggle myself right into this seat...Oh hai, pets please? 

As Pixie has grown more comfortable her and Lola's play fights have gotten more intense as well.  I'll have to make sure to tell their adopters not to worry. They can seem pretty crazy, but they both are very careful to not use their claws, and when Lola is tired of playing, she just lays down and Pixie proceeds to groom her. Like I said, adorable. 

Lola is pretty much the same as before, my little shadow. She comes to check on me as soon as I get home and will sit for some loving for a while before going on her way.  If I move though, she'll come check to see what I'm doing and rub around my ankles a bit or jump up next to me. She is also getting much better about coming when called. Not that I think she's learned her name, but recognizes the little, kissing noises I make when I call her or Pixie. 

Lola is a much calmer cat than Pixie, but still loves her playtime. I've started to try to get some one-on-one playtime with her because whenever I tried, Pixie would butt in and steal the show. It works out well because I've also found Lola isn't very good about sharing food. I tried using two bowls, but she'll still go over and box out Pixie from whatever bowl she's eating out of, no matter how much she has left. It may be a trait leftover from when she was neglected. We're going to work on it, but for the moment, Pixie gets some eating time while Lola is having some Pixie-free playtime. 

While Pixie was being crazy, Lola just wanted to laze around with me as a pillow.

On the whole, they're doing wonderfully, and are going to make someone such great pets. I think it'll be a week or two until they're officially up for adoption. Pixie still needs to get over a minor health issue before getting spayed, and I'm hoping that Lola's food anxiety is something we can work on.  And, if I'm being honest with myself, I want to enjoy the company of such a cute pair of cats a little longer. :)

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