September 24, 2012

Cat Update!

Well, it's been about 3 weeks since I got Lola and Pixie. Time has flown by and they've changed so much!  No longer scared of anything and completely comfortable here, I figured it was time for an update about them.  There's also a bio written in their own words in the most recent posts on the blog!

Pixie is a crazy cat. In the best way possible of course. :)  Gone is any of her previous timidness. She is a root'n toot'n cowgirl...err, cowcat. 

I don't know if it's because she hasn't had this much freedom to run around and play before, or just that she's just a naturally boisterous cat.  Either way, she is into EVERYTHING now. She sprints around the house, looking for entertainment, from chasing Lola to hunting bugs and begging food from anyone.  She's also gotten much more coordinated, and she loves jumping up on the counters to get your attention. She's good about staying down and away once you correct her though. 

She's even more of a diva now too, sweetly demanding your attention with a cute, little chirp and a leg rub.  She's started sleeping not just with, but on top of me whenever she can and has to be in the middle of the action at all times. She loves to be pet and comes to snuggle whenever she can find a spot next to you.

She is the most adorable of cats and is so loving. She races to the door whenever I come home, follows me around, curls up on the sofa with me and has a look of absolute bliss on her face as she gets pet.


Lola is still the sweetest cat I've ever met.  She has almost a southern belle attitude towards everything.  If she could talk, I'm sure it would be in that sweet, slow southern accent. 

She is a calmer cat than Pixie and definitely just loves being around you and being pet.  For being a middle-aged cat though, she is still very active and runs around with Pixie when she's excited. She can most often be found on top of a chair or in the windowsill though, just chilling out. She will flop over almost anywhere, wanting to keep an eye on everything and be sure she's not missing out. 

She hates closed doors I've found. Even when I'm in the bathroom she mews pitifully wanting to be let in. Once let in of course, she jumps up and wants to be pet immediately to make sure you haven't forgotten her. Pixie hasn't gotten much better about coming when called, but Lola will come over to you when you call for her.  Southern belle's don't have any sense of urgency so it is a leisurely stroll in your general direction, but she'll get there eventually.

Lola is still definitely a nurturing, motherly figure for Pixie as well.  She keeps an eye on Pixie when she's scampering around and if Pixie seems to be in trouble (Note: being pitiful about getting her nails trimmed), she'll immediately run over to wash and comfort her. It's adorable.

I think the best part about the two of them is that they're such a well matched pair.  Lola can keep Pixie entertained and in line and Pixie makes sure that Lola stays active and playful.  It's so fun to watch the two of them interact. Between tearing around the house in a game a chase to curling up next to each other for a nap, they love to be around each other and are adorable doing it. The only problem is trying to take a picture of them!  As soon as I get up to get my camera, they both want to be up and finding out what I'm doing instead of holding their cute pose. One day I promise I will get you all pictures!

Well, that's what's up with Pixie and Lola now.  If you have any questions please feel free to message me or comment and I'll do my best to get you answers!

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