September 5, 2012

Meet Lola!

NOTE:  This is the information when she first arrived in her foster home, see the cat update on Sept. 24th for more current information on her personality!

Lola is a few years older than Pixie and has definitely been a mama before. She's -very- outgoing and loves to explore the house. Even with all the fun toys and everything in their room, she immediately bounds out when I open the door in the morning.  She does stop for a quick chance to be pet, but then is out exploring the house some more, finding nooks and crannies that I didn't even know existed. 


Her favorite spots are up high. She loves laying on the window sill in the sun and watching everything outside. She tends to be my little shadow, popping up suddenly to play or quietly demand attention. I'm gonna have to get a collar with a bell on it for her ASAP so I don't trip on her when she sneaks up. She doesn't sit still for long however. It was interesting trying to get any decent photos, if just because she always has something else to catch her attention.

What is this fun thing you're playing with? Can I play too?

 Oh, ok, I'll pose fo--Squirrel!

Psh, I already know I'm cute. Just pet me now.  

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