September 7, 2012

Oh what's in a name?

Tucson2Tails is currently going through an organization restructure so I was trying to look up a bit more information on my cats on the website. To my surprise I found these pictures:

Well, that was certainly a surprise. Apparently the foster who had them before me mixed up the names when I picked them up. It's understandable, the original "Lola" reminds me a lot of Tinker Bell, and I feel like she fits the name Pixie much better.  That being said, it does explain somewhat why they seem to have no reaction to their names. In fact, that was an idea for a future blog post, this discovery just pushed it forward.
I also found out that Pixie is 13 months old, so that fits with what I thought on her being younger. I still don't know anything about her background except that she had a couple minor health issues coming in and was rather thin. She may have been part of the same group Lola came in with.

I was surprised to find out that Lola is 7!  Edit: She's, they really need to get better at this paperwork. She is 2 which makes much more sense. She's so active and worries so much over Pixie, I assumed she was a young mother. 
I also found out that she was seized from a home due to severe neglect of a number of animals and came in sick. Man, 7 years in a neglected home and still as sweet as sugar. Fortunately, she had a good weight (probably due to her natural fiestyness/hunting skills) and recovered quickly.  They both were due to be put down within 24 hours of being rescued.

Knowing a little more about what they have been through makes me even more passionate to do what I can to find them the perfect forever home. Not only that, but it makes me love fostering even more. I know that when they were rescued, not only did it save their lives, but also the lives of two other cats.

What most people don't realize is that the sick bays in pounds have limited space. If too many animals are sick and the sick bays fill up, any sick animal is at risk of being immediately put down.  Lola basically just had a kitty-cold!  I can't imagine missing out on such a great cat because of something so minor. Working with an organization that pulls cats from the sick bay allows me to help some of those animals, even if I'm just fostering those who have already gotten better.

Annnyway, I'm just glad they're with me now. They're definitely getting a treat and some extra snuggles when I get home tonight for being so great even after spending the last 3 months in a small cage and who knows what before then. I can't -wait- to see them go to a loving home they can call their own! Regardless of what they are being called. :)

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