September 12, 2012

Oh happy day!

Today was a great day!  No big news on the Pixie/Lola front, but there were two other cats adopted today. 

I'm helping clean fosters who are being shown at Petsmart. Most of them weren't on Petfinder yet, so I took my camera today to take some pictures. It was so fun, playing with all the cats a bit to cheer them up and grab some fun pictures...or at least some fun times.  The cats were so excited to run around a bit that it was hard to get them to stand still long enough to take a good picture. In the midst of this, I talked to a few potential adoptees. While they expressed interest in the cats, I expected them to go home and decide it  wasn't going to work. Happily, I was wrong! Gracie the playful lovebug and Sebi the scared lapcat both went home to their families. Here are some pictures of them as well as the other three up for adoption, Guy, Annie Oakley and Rosie.

This is Annie Oakley, she's a huge furry lovebug. She is in the front of the adoption area and always demanded attention from anyone walking past. 

I love her name too!

This is Guy. And boy, is he a BIG Guy. My grandmother and aunt have a cat that looks exactly like him, size and all. He's a really chill guy who loves chin scratches. He didn't want to stand still once he was out of his cage, so I only have the one picture.  He's gonna get snatched up soon I'm sure. 

 This is Gracie saying goodbye to her kennelmates. She was adopted out a few hours after I left. Apparently her new family was one of the ones who had come by and gotten a chance to play with her while I was cleaning. She made quite the impression, and they came back soon after to bring her home. :)
All smiles about being adopted! :)

This is Rosie! She couldn't wait to get out of her cage and into my lap. She was so curious and ready to see everything. She's a chatty-cathy and mewed and nuzzled me for snuggles. 

She can also give Hi-5's. :)

Sebi was my favorite. And she got adopted this evening!! The poor thing was a neglected, long hair, Siamese who apparently came in matted and starving. She's looking a lot better, but was still kinda ragged and scared of being in the small kennel. Once she was out, you couldn't budge her from your lap no matter how much you tried. I'm so glad that she has found a home where she can be the pampered lap cat she is.

Of course, this made me all the more eager to see Pixie and Lola find their forever homes. Pixie is going in to get spayed/vaccinated hopefully next week,  and then they'll be officially up for adoption. I'm so attached to them already that I wonder how I'll feel letting them go. I'll just have to enjoy them as much as I can now and make sure they have the best of homes to go to. :)

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