September 6, 2012

Cat Naptime

The cats must have played themselves all out today. When I got home all they wanted to do was sleep!  Of course, the day I wanted to get you all a video of their awesome adorableness playing, they're passed out. Just goes to show you that cats can be some of the most contrary creatures.  Oh well, they were looking super adorable anyway and Pixie almost seems to smile in her sleep.  So here are some cute catnap pictures. :)

 Oh, hi there. I reallllly want you to pet me, but it's soooo much work to even open one eye.

 Mayyybe I'll get up, it looks like there is some interesting stuff going on.

Nope...too sleepy.


 When I walked in, Lola immediately started to half-heartedly bat at the side of the box like she didn't want to be caught sleeping. 

 Her HUGGGEEE yawns gave her away though.

See, I'm just in the box to have a bath...Who said I was sleepy...

 Totally not sleepy....not sleepy at all...


Note: The cats do have a little, dark, corner of the closet with a pillow and blanket to sleep in, a pet bed as well as a crate with a comfortable towel in it. True to the contrary cat theory however, they take turns sleeping in the cardboard box more frequently than anything else.

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