January 9, 2013

Getting ready for newcomers!!

Well, I'm still on cloud nine about Pixie and Lola's adoption, but just had to share the news that I'm getting two new fosters tomorrow!!  I've only been back in town a couple days days and already missed my (not mine anymore!) the little girls around the house. I'm so excited to get another pair of cats, a male Siamese and female Torti named Cyber and Shadow.

Because I missed this way too much...

Fortunately for these two, I'm getting them before they headed to the pound and could get sick, scared and, even worse, ignored and put on the list to be euthanized  Their owner has to move to another country and can't take them.  They were her babies though and she loves them very much so she had been looking for a rescue that could take them in instead of going to a shelter.  There has been a slow-down in adoptions here after the holidays and several cats have been put to sleep at the pound in the last few days (broke my heart and definitely made me want to foster again ASAP).  Since these two are "older" (5 and 3 are apparently too old to be "cute" anymore) and would like to be adopted together, they definitely are more at risk.  Tucson2Tails offered to take them in, and since I have the space now, they asked if I could foster. Apparently Shadow is a bit shy and scared about all of the changes in her life. Hopefully I can help her out of her shell a bit before they go up for adoption.  The pair of them are bonded like Pixie and Lola and will be hopefully adopted out together.  

Anyway, I will be updating the blog tomorrow 
to introduce the cats to you all as soon as I get them home.  I'm excited to be getting back fostering so soon and to share Cyber and Shadow's story.

Here's to hoping that you all, as well as Cyber and Shadow, have a Happy New Year! I know with some new, cute kitty faces around the house, my New Year is starting off great! :D

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