December 29, 2012


Guess who's off the market?! Yup! This pair of cuties found their forever home, together!  :)  I'm so excited Pixie and Lola are finally set for life together. I couldn't be happier they got a home for the holidays. I'm hoping I can hear more from the family (and get some pictures), and that they do well there.  

I've gotta admit though, I'm kinda sad I couldn't see them off myself. They're a sweet pair however, and I know they'll win the hearts of their adoptive family just as easily as they did mine. So thanks to everyone who's been following their saga, it's been incredibly fun and I'm already stalking the pound pages to see If I can find another cat (or two) to do it all over again.

So one last sign-off on behalf of the silly set of girls, Pixie and Lola. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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