December 15, 2012

Meet Pixie!

Hi there!  My name is Pixie.  I'm what's called a cowcat, since my white coat with black spots supposedly makes me look like a cow.  While I do like munching on some grass every once and a while, I like to think I'm called a cowcat because I am really a cowgirl at heart.

I am just a bit over a year old and still have lots of kitten in me.  I love adventuring all around your house, chasing down any varmits that I find. Don't worry if you don't have any though, there are these awesome toys like lasers and feather wands that help me practice my wrangling skills. I loveeee to play. I'll even help you by bringing you my favorite toy when I decide it's playtime.  My foster mom says it's adorable.  

She's right, I am adorable. And I know it.  I love snuggling up to you, looking up with my gorgeous eyes and begging to be pet.  Even cowcats need to be pampered too.  I'm a goofy girl at heart though. I always want to know exactly what you're doing and if I can help out.  Whether it's sneaking food from you...

Doing dishes...


Or even just snuggling on the sofa.

I've been a wandering gal long enough now though, I'm really looking to find my purrrfect partner(s) to take me to my own home on the range.  My perfect family would be someone who can play with me a lot and who has animals that don't mind me wanting to play with them. I'm a very active and frisky kitty, and I'd love to have another playful cat to keep me company. (A side note, I love my best friend Lola. We've been together a while and she's the bestest cat I know.  My favorite wish is that we could go home together.) 

I'm not a huge fan of big, playful dogs. I'm too small to play with them and they scare me a bit if they get too curious.  I love my older husky friend though and we curl up together all the time.  Kids and I get along okkk, but I probably shouldn't go home around younger ones.  I am still learning to play gentle and be patient about being picked up and hugged. I don't want to hurt someone by accident!

Does it sound like I could fit in your home? I'd love for you to meet me so I can give you a taste of my down-home cowcat charm in person.  I'm currently at the Petsmart on Grant and Swan if you'd like to come visit!  Ask to see me in person, I'd love to get out and play with you, my cage isn't the wide open range I'm used to!

Anyway, I'll sign off with a howdy and a hi-five for you!  I hope that someone reading this is my true forever family. I can't wait to meet you!


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