January 30, 2013

Splish, splash!

Happy hump day!  1/2 way through the week, and it's my day off! Instead of waking up super early this morning to head off, I got to sleep in.  The kitties appeared to appreciate it as well and snuggled with me all morning. Cyber seems to share my thought that the only good things that come out of mornings are sleeping in.  This is usually the face I see in the morning when I have to shift him out of bed. 
He's such a sweet, goofy cat with tons of loving personality that I know he's going to steal someone else's heart right away.  I'm also so, so happy to report that Shadow is -way- happier now.  I think she's fully recuperated from her paw injury and is a total snuggle bug. She's the one who will get up early in the morning with me to follow me around.  I now have my morning and evening personal assistants, which works out perfectly. Whoever adopts this pair will definitely be getting two loving, adorable lap cats.  :)  

Shadow thinks I need a bigger lap and more hands.

Hopefully I'll get some cute pictures of them today after I go run some errands. I've had to resort to phone pictures because they both want to just follow me around instead of letting me go grab my camera. As it is, for all those goofy Cyber fans, this post will mostly be about him since he was so entertained that he let me go grab my camera and still be able to grab some cuteness. :)

I volunteer at the Desert Museum in Tucson, and basically about 3/4 of what I do is clean up after all the animals.  This makes me feel really gross coming home, and the first thing I usually do is grab a shower. Cyber seems to have realized this. When I came home this week, he was waiting for me in the bathroom:

He was toooo cute.  Seemingly all set for his own bath, although I don't think he would have appreciated it very much.  He loved rolling around the smooth surface though and would catch his reflection at times and try to play with it. 

He was so entertained, he didn't notice me sneaking out to grab my camera. I got to get some cute pictures.


Eventually, Shadow had to come see what was going on.  It was so funny. Shadow obviously thought Cyber was just being far too silly and meowed at him from the doorway. He immediately popped up from the sink, and they both went off together to plot my demise or something equally as catty. :)


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