January 10, 2013

Quick update on the newbies!

Cyber and Shadow have arrived!  I just wanted to give a quick introduction. I will give a full update in a week or so when I get a better idea of their personalities. 

This is Cyber!

Cyber is a five year old "Flame-point" Siamese. He's got such interesting coloration, a red/cream colored Siamese with absolutely stunning, bright blue eyes.  He's also a bit cross-eyed, which betrays his silly nature. He's a goofy guy, at home already and into everrrrything. He's so excited to explore, but is a total snuggle bug. He is sitting with me right now insisting on being pet with the cutest little "murt" sound. I'm not complaining, his fur is like velvet, thick and soft, and he's such a sweety that he's already got me wrapped around his paw.

 Definitely a snuggly lap cat!

Shadow's intro will have to come later. The poor little girl is still totally terrified with all these new changes, so she's resting in her room for now. She's a gorgeous torti cat with huge yellow eyes. She's obviously a sweetheart, but was literally shaking with fear once I got her home.  I'm going to let her slowly get used to the house and all these new things. Cyber goes and checks on her every once and a while, but she still hides when I come to see her. I'm hoping it won't take her too long to settle down a bit. She's already much better than when she first arrived, so I'm sure it won't be much longer before I can brag about her too.

I'm excited to get to know these two, and so excited to share their story here. I'll be trying to update at least once a week, so stay tuned! :)

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